IntEx-SemPar: Interactive and Executable Semantic Parsing

Online Workshop at EMNLP 2020, November 19, 2020

Program Schedule

Thursday Nov 19, 2020 Pacific Time
08:15–08:30     Opening Remarks
08:30–09:30     Invited Talk: Jacob Andreas
09:30–10:30     Invited Talk: Jonathan Berant
10:30–10:50     Break
10:50–11:00     Learning Adaptive Language Interfaces through Decomposition
11:00–11:10     Improving Sequence-to-Sequence Semantic Parser for Task Oriented Dialog
11:10–11:20     Uncertainty and Traffic-Aware Active Learning for Semantic Parsing
11:20–11:30     Did You Ask a Good Question? A Cross-Domain Question Intention Classification Benchmark for Text-to-SQL
11:30–12:30     Invited Talk: Yoav Artzi
12:30–13:30     Poster Presentation in
13:30–14:30     Invited Talk: Dilek Hakkani-Tür
14:30–14:40     QA2Explanation: Generating and Evaluating Explanations for Question Answering Systems over Knowledge Graph
14:40–14:50     ColloQL: Robust Text-to-SQL Over Search Queries
14:50–15:00     GRAPPA: Grammar-Augmented Pre-Training for Table Semantic Parsing
15:00–15:10     Beyond I.I.D.: Three Levels of Generalization for Question Answering on Knowledge Bases
15:10–15:20     Natural Language Response Generation from SQL with Generalization and Back-translation
15:20–15:30     Break
15:30–16:30     Invited Talk: Alex Polozov
16:30–17:30     Invited Talk: Richard Socher
17:30–17:35     Closing remarks

Invited Speakers

Yoav Artzi (Cornell) Jonathan Berant (Tel Aviv University/AI2) Richard Socher (Salesforce Research) Dilek Hakkani-Tür (Amazon Alexa AI)
Alex Polozov (Microsoft Research) Jacob Andreas (MIT)

Steering Committee

Jonathan Berant (Tel Aviv University/AI2) Graham Neubig (CMU) Yunyao Li (IBM Research) Caiming Xiong (Salesforce Research)
Dragomir Radev (Yale University) Luke Zettlemoyer (University of Washington)

Organizing Committee

Ben Bogin (Tel Aviv University) Srinivasan Iyer (University of Washington) Victoria Lin (Salesforce Research) Alane Suhr (Cornell University)
Panupong (Ice) Pasupat (Google) Pengcheng Yin (CMU) Tao Yu (Yale University) Rui Zhang (Penn State University)
Victor Zhong (University of Washington)